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Instituti Monumenteve te Kultures Gani Strazimiri, Tirana


The Institute of Cultural Monuments IMK is a scientific and budgetary Institution under the dependence of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports. The IMK’s main responsibilities are protection, restoration and revitalization of cultural and historic monuments in Albanian Republic. The IMK provides its staff with the necessary qualifications: the Institution determines and authorizes the restoration criteria and takes measures to identify monuments in order to protect, restore and give them full documentation. Regional Directorate of Cultural Monuments, museums and the Archaeological Parks depend on IMK activities. IMK also collaborates with units of central and local government, as well as other academic and religious institutions and private entities. IMK also organizes courses, seminars, workshops for the qualification of the specialists in the field of restoration and realizes publications, monographs and scientific periodicals.

Using its institutional role and its experience in the field of conservation and re-vitalization of cultural monuments, IMK will participate in the meeting with local key institutions and enterprises for the definition of a professional profile; IMK's tasks in this project are related to the development of teaching methods, organization of stages for students, evaluation of learning modules carried out during the "pilot" phase. IMK also participates in the Scientific Committee, monitoring project activities to ensure quality in relationships among Partners. Its staff will participate in the administrative and scientific staff motilities and training, creating an international network as well as in the creation of an e-learning platform and network.